March 21, 2019

Fast FAST 2019

The Human Genetics department held its 2nd competition for 3 minute, 1 slide research presentations by students and postdocs at the Friday Afternoon Seminar by Trainees, dubbed Fast FAST.  This provides a brief glimpse into the world of Human Genetics. 

The audience and a panel of judges voted on the presentations. 

Winning presentations in 2019 were:

Patricia Garay

1st place, Patricia Garay (Neuroscience PhD Program, Iwase Lab)

Title:  Synaptic Scaling in a Model of Smith-Magenis Syndrome 

Amanda Schaefer

 2nd place, Amanda Schaefer (MS in Genetic Counseling Program)

Title: The Challenges of Wearing Two Hats: Genetic Counselors Working as Clinicians and Researchers 

 Xianing Zheng 

3rd place and Audience’s Choice , Xianing Zheng (Human Genetics PhD Program, Li Lab and Hammoud Lab)

Title: Yummy! Customizable Recipe in Single Cell Computational Analysis


Honorable mention was given to:

Megan Trotter (Human Genetics PhD Program, Kalantry Lab)

Title: The Mother Did It: Maternal Control of Imprinted X-inactivation 

John Lloyd (Postdoctoral Fellow, Li Lab)

Title: Disrupting drug-induced transcriptional rewiring in triple-negative breast cancer

Everyone’s work in human genetics involves various sequencing technologies, so in addition to a small cash prize, winners received children’s books on sequencing!  

Congratulations to all presenters and prize winners!

Peter Gergics

Research Investigator / Organizer
Seminar and Events Committee