October 22, 2019

New Educational Opportunities: Precision Health Graduate Certificate Program

In Fall of 2019, the Precision Health Graduate Certificate Program accepted its first student cohort, with a goal of training a cadre of precision health scientists who are able to apply cutting-edge, multidisciplinary knowledge in the pursuit of improving patient and population health. The program is open to all PhD, MS, MA, M.Engineering, and masters or doctoral level graduate students enrolled at the University of Michigan and will consequently allow for collaborative learning across incredibly diverse disciplines. The Precision Health Graduate Certificate Program aims to provide core experiences in the three precision health domains (Discover, Treatment, and Health) and six competency domains including, 1) Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications of Precision Health, 2) Data Science and Predictive Health Analytics, 3) Biosocial Determinants of Health/Policy/Economics, 4) Human Genetics in Health and Disease/Molecular Medicine, 5) Bioinformatics/Computational Genomics, and 6) Consumer Health Informatics and Healthcare Systems Engineering for Precision Health. The next cohort will enroll in Winter 2020 and the certificate can be completed by motivated genetic counseling students in 2-4 semesters, concurrent with the GCP curriculum. This program is part of the Department of Learning Health Sciences, the first-in-the-nation basic science department focused on the sciences related to learning across multiple levels of scale (i.e. individual, group, organization, region, nation) in order to improve health in systemic ways by advancing the sciences that make learning effective, routine, and efficient.