July 31, 2019

Yang Zhang, Ph.D., Awarded 2020 ASBMB DeLano Award for Computational Biosciences

Congratulations to Dr. Yang Zhang, Professor, Biological Chemistry and Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics.  Dr. Zhang has been awarded the 2020 ASBMB DeLano Award for Computational Biosciences. 

The DeLano Award for Computational Biosciences was established by family, friends and colleagues to honor the legacy of Warren L. DeLano. The award will be given to a scientist for the most accessible and innovative development or application of computer technology to enhance research in the life sciences at the molecular level. The contribution should include two key elements: more productive use of computers to accelerate and facilitate research, and ready access of these programs for the scientific community. The award consists of a plaque, a $3,000 cash award and travel expenses for the recipient to attend the ASBMB annual meeting to present a lecture.