CMB Admissions Committee

The CMB Admissions Committee meets once at the beginning of December to review applications for PIBS Ph.D. candidates and decide which candidates to invite for interviews (most during PIBS Interview Weekends in late Jan/early Feb). The committee consists of 4 CMB students and a number of CMB faculty who are each assigned a certain number of applications to review before the meeting. 

Current Members: (Last Updated April 2024)

Admissions Chairs:

Sethu Pitchiaya, Jason Spence


Ben Allen, David Antonetti, Ryan Baldridge, Mark Chiang, Josie Clowney, Brian Emmer, Xing Fan, Kurt Hankenson, Adam Helms, Ken Inoki, Evan Keller, Jiahe Li, Antonio Morales-Hernandez, Goutham Narla, Patrick O'Brien, Manoj Puthenveedu, Ryan Russell, Lauren Surface, Alice Telesnitsky, Sarah Veatch, Zhong Wang, Thomas Wubben, Qiong Yang


Caleb Cheng, Sam Collie, Adele Correia, Brynne Raines