Faculty Opportunities for Involvement

CMB Major Annual Events:

  • Welcome Week Picnic - typically the last week of August
  • Fall Retreat - typically late Sept/early Oct (faculty may also be invited to give short talks)
  • Holiday Party - typically the first week of December
  • PIBS Interview Weekends - last week in January and first week in February
  • Spring Symposium - late May - faculty should plan to present a poster, or have their lab represented in some way (by a CMB student or other rep)

Additionally, CMB student committees put on other events throughout the year, including the CMB Social Committee (who coordinate several Happy Hours that include both students and faculty), and the CMB DEI Task Force, which includes opportunities for faculty to get involved in DEI efforts for the program.

CMB Faculty Leadership Roles

In addition to required annual activities and faculty committees, there are a number of ways faculty can become involved in CMB, meet other faculty and students to rotate in or join their lab, and meet potential research collaborators. 

 Long-Term Faculty Leadership Roles (1 Year or Longer)

  1. CMB 850 Course Directors - this is typically split between 2 faculty, who serve as course advisors to students during the year, and also coordinate the evaluators, schedule and other aspects of the course. These course directors should be established in July every year.
  2. CMB 630 Course Advisor - in the Fall, this individual would be picked by the CMB Short Course Committee based on a specific expertise in a topic area of their choosing. In the Winter, the Human Genetics program plans the Short Course, so the faculty member simply serves as a course advisor for attendance, make-ups, etc. 
  3. Rackham DEI Faculty Ally - this individual is designated by CMB and submitted to Rackham as the faculty representative who will attend monthly DEI Task Force meetings, advise the program on DEI issues, ensure DEI in admissions and recruitment practices, and if available, attend recruitment conferences, like SACNAS and/or ABRCMS. This individual will also report on DEI Task Force/program activities annually to Rackham, and submit additional applications for DEI grants as needed. They may also encourage the Recruitment Committee to submit a Rackham grant for recruitment at minority-serving institutions.
  4. Admissions Chairs - this is typically 2 faculty. Tasks include recruiting faculty to the CMB Admissions Committee (Sept), delegating applications to committee members, coordinating the application review meeting, tracking/prioritizing offers, attending important PIBS recruitment meetings, and some outreach to students who are offered interviews or admission. 
  5. Symposium and/or Retreat Coordinator - this individual works with the CMB program coordinator to approve/coordinate/invite keynote speakers, and advises on other aspects of the event, such as faculty talks, poster session logistics, etc.

 Other Short-Term Roles and Student Committee Advising:

  1.  Prelim Exam Chairs - Coordinate the written and oral exam process and leads the prelim committee for a student in the CMB program; collects, summarizes and submits final evaluations to CMB, the student and the prelim coordinator (associate director).
  2. Workshop Presenter - Works with CMB leadership to create and schedule a workshop for CMB students - this might be someone with expertise on NSFs, RCR, experimental methods, etc.
  3. CMB 850 Student Seminar Evaluators (1-2 seminars per year) - this individual would attend the rehearsal the week before the event, give the student feedback, and help facilitate the student’s seminar and Q&A at CMB 850. They would also complete a presenter feedback form.
  4. PIBS 503 – Research Responsibility Course Discussion Leader - help facilitate an RCR refresher workshop as a discussion leader
  5. Pharm 502 – Grant Writing Course Section Leader  - help facilitate a grant writing course as a section leader for Pharm 502
  6. Poster Presenter/Faculty Rep at a Recruitment Event - present a poster of your research, or come to just chat with students, as a poster presenter or faculty rep at PIBS interview weekends (typically the poster sessions are the last Saturday in Jan and first Saturday in Feb)
  7. Diversity Recruitment Rep at SACNAS and/or ABRCMS - inquire about attending one of these diversity conferences as a faculty rep for CMB to recruit students to Michigan! All expenses are paid by CMB.
  8. Student Committee Advising: We could always use a faculty advisor for the DEI Task Force, Newsletter Committee, Career Committee, or Journal Club 


CMB and PIBS Recruitment

PIBS Interview Weekends

 CMB needs as many faculty as possible to participate in PIBS interview weekends each year (typically the last Fri/Sat in Jan and first Fri/Sat in Feb), including the following:

  • Interviewing Candidates in person (and potentially a couple Zoom interviews)
  • Attending the CMB program lunches and dinners
  • Presenting a poster at the Saturday poster sessions

PIBS and MSTP Preview Events

 CMB faculty may be needed for this event to meet potentially interested students, and help answer questions about Michigan/the CMB Program.

Recruitment Travel Activities

CMB faculty are welcome to inquire about traveling to the SACNAS and ABRCMS conferences each year to help recruit CMB students. SACNAS = Society for the Advancement of Chicanos, and Native Americans in Science. ABRCMS = Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minoritized Scientists.

Each year CMB sends at least a couple students, and at least one faculty member to these conferences and reimburses all travel expenses. Other conferences or events are potentially reimbursable as well if faculty or students can make a case for attending them for CMB recruitment purposes.