CMB Program Committee

This committee meets every 2 months. Recurring agenda items include voting on CMB faculty applications, reviewing student candidacy and dissertation committees (faculty only review student files), and proposing/discussing CMB program policies. Additional agenda items may be proposed by students or faculty within the committee, or outside of the committee. This committee consists of faculty from a variety of departments across the university, and 4 CMB student representatives.

Current Program Committee Members:  (Updated April 2024)


  • Lauren Perl
  • Erin King

CMB Faculty:

  • Manoj Puthenveedu (Director)
  • Ben Allen (Associate Director)
  • Ariella Shikanov (Associate Director)
  • Dave Antonetti
  • Kathy Collins
  • Sue Hammoud
  • Ken Inoki
  • Ann Miller
  • Lois Weisman
  • Qiong Yang
  • Scott Barolo (ex-officio)
  • Zaneta Nikolovska-Coleska (ex-officio)

(Ex-officio = by virtue of their positions, these individuals have standing invitations to attend CMB PC Meetings)

CMB Students:

  • Faith Carranza-Connors
  • Margarita Brovkina
  • Amanda Orosco
  • Madeline Shay