Hayley McLoughlin

Hayley McLoughlin, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Accepting New Students?
Research Interests:
neurodegeneration; ataxia; oligodendrocyte biology; gene therapy/silencing approaches
Trainings and Identities:
Implicit Bias Training, Anti-Racism Training, Bystander Training, Gender Bias or Discrimination Training

The lab focuses on pathogenic mechanisms and therapeutic interventions for neurodegenerative diseases with a particular emphasis toward the polyglutamine disease, Spinocerebellar Ataxia type 3 (SCA3). Our work uses cell culture and transgenic mouse models as well as human tissue/biofluid samples to study these neurodegenerative diseases. We have expertise in confocal imaging, genetics, surgical intervention, gene therapy/silencing approaches, oligodendrocyte biology, and molecular and cellular biology techniques.

The McLoughlin Lab strives to be a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace where all trainees, employees, and volunteers, whatever their gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, sexual orientation or identity, religion, education, or disability, feel valued and respected. For a copy of the McLoughlin Lab's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policies from the lab handbook please email Dr. McLoughlin at [email protected].