John Prensner

John Prensner, MD

Assistant Professor, Pediatrics
Research Interest
Pediatric brain cancers, RNA translation, non-canonical open reading frame, RNA therapeutics, genomics
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DEI Statement

In the Prensner lab, we aspire for a culture of respect, creativity, equality and collaboration. We believe that team members bring unique life experiences that enrich our work, and we recognize our own efforts and those of our collaborators and colleagues. As a mentor, I have worked to bring together a diverse group of scientists who both care for each other and promote each other as we grow together as a team. 

Research Interest

  1. Non-canonical translation in cancer
    We use functional genomics to characterize oncogenic non-canonical open reading frames, which may encode small “miniproteins” that are novel cancer targets
  2. Translational dysregulation in cancer
    We use multi-omics approaches to elucidate patterns of translational regulation (or dysregulation) in cancer with an emphasis on pediatric brain cancers. 
  3. RNA translation therapeutics in cancer
    We use pharmacologic approaches to inhibit various aspects of the RNA translation machinery and evaluate molecular determinants that predict response to these small molecule inhibitors.