February 25, 2016

U-M scientist studies rare bone-growth disorder, skeletal dysplasia, that affects her son


Geneticist Sally Camper, Ph.D.

Geneticist Sally Camper, Ph.D.

"Sally Camper calls herself an accidental geneticist. But it’s no accident that her discoveries have helped solve many mysteries deep within human DNA.

Working with scientists around the world, she’s helped find the genetic causes of several rare birth defects.

Including ones like the disease that affects her own son.

In fact, she says, being the parent of someone with a rare disease has given her a new perspective on just how important genetic research really is.

After all, her son Erik didn’t get a firm diagnosis for what was causing his painful hips, curving spine and short stature for years. And he still hasn’t found out the exact genetic problem causing his condition.

But helping more families find out exactly what their child has, and what might be done for them, drives Camper and her colleagues at the University of Michigan Medical School and its Department of Human Genetics. She recently stepped down as chair of that department." - UofMHealthBlogs.org

Sally Camper, Ph.D.

Margery Shaw Distinguished University Professor of Human Genetics
Professor of Internal Medicine