Small Grants Program

The Small Grants program is no longer part of the current grant. The Past Awardee information remains here for your information.


Past Awardees

  • Maureen Devlin, PhD (Anthropology): "Metabolic markers of facultative thermogenic mechanisms in murine models"
  • Xin Tong, MD, PhD (Molecular & Integrative Physiology): "Identification of lipid perturbations in Chrebp knockout mouse liver in response to high-fructose diet"
  • Dina Hafez-Griauzde, MD (Internal Medicine – General Medicine): “A Mixed Methods Pilot Study of a Low-Carbohydrate Diabetes Prevention Program Among Individuals with Prediabetes”
  • Dave Bridges, PhD (Nutritional Sciences): “Tissue Specific Inhibition of Diet-Induced Thermogenesis”
  • Brian Callaghan, MD (Neurology): “Identifying the metabolites associated with polyneuropathy in obese populations”
  • Richard Dopp, MD (Psychiatry): “The WINNERS Project: Weight Increases Negated by New Exercise Routines”
  • Lauren Koch, PhD (Anesthesiology): “Identifying the metabolic benefit of exercise on aging and longevity”
  • Katherine Bauer, PhD (Nutritional Sciences): “Understanding weight control strategies among a contemporary adolescent cohort”
  • Jun Hee Lee, PhD (Molecular and Integrative Physiology): “Metabolic effects of Sestrin1 overexpression in muscle”
  • Martin Myers, MD, PhD (Internal Medicine - Metabolism, Endocrinology & Diabetes): “Role of brainstem leptin action in exercise tolerance”
  • Julie Lumeng, MD (Pediatrics - Child Behavioral Health): “Identifying biomarkers for psychosocial stress in low-income children ”
  • Carol Elias, PhD (Molecular and Integrative Physiology): “Molecular basis of obesity induced placental dysfunction and poor pregnancy outcome”
  • Sung Choi, MD, MS (Pediatric Hematology/Oncology): “- Clinical Outcomes, Nutritional Status, Exercise and Psychosocial factors in pediatric hematopoietic cell Transplant (CONSEPT) ”
  • Kanakadurga Singer M.D. (Pediatric Endocrinology): “Alterations in hematopoietic cell fatty acid metabolism with obesity”
  • Monica Dus, PhD (Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology): “The effect of diet-derived metabolites on the central regulation of feeding behavior”
  • Richard Dopp, MD (Psychiatry): “The NEW DAY Project (Nutritional and Exercise Wellness: Developing Attitudes in Youth)”
  • Daniel Teitelbaum, MD (Surgery): "TPN-Related Alterations in the Metabolome of the Humane Intestinal Lumen"
  • Ronald J Buckanovich, MD, PhD (Internal Medicine - Hematology/Oncology): “ALDH inhibitors as a cancer stem cell targeted therapeutic ”
  • Neal Blatt, MD, PhD (Pediatrics - Nephrology): “Citrate Modulation of Inflammatory Responses”
  • Jerome Kalifa, MD, PhD (Internal Medicine - Cardiology): “Role of myocardial-ischemia related biofactors in atrial fibrillation initiation and maintenance”
  • Simon Evans, PhD (Psychiatry): “Nutritional Components of Psychiatric Disease and Treatment Response”
  • Gary Luker, MD (Microbiology & Immunology): “Intersection of Nutritional Inputs and Chemokine Receptor Signaling in Breast Cancer Metabolome”
  • Almudena Veiga-Lopez, DVM, PhD (Molecular & Integrative Physiology): “Impact of Testosterone Excess on Maternal/Fetal Free Fatty Acid Homeostasis”
  • Daniel H. Teitelbaum, M.D. (Surgery): “Alterations in the mucosal metabolome and association with microbiome change in mice receiving total parenteral nutrition”
  • Katarina Borer, Ph.D. (Kinesiology): “Amino Acid Measurements”
  • Catherine Kim, MD, MPH (OBGYN): “Correlations between amino acids, glucose, and fasting insulin among women histories of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM)”
  • Joyce Lee, MD, MPH (Pediatrics - Endocrinology): “Metabolomic Predictors of Pediatric Prediabetes”