Student Fellowships

Many of our MIP students will compete for local and nationally competitive fellowships that support their research. While often awarded based on the quality of their scientific proposal and the strength of the applicant and mentoring environment, some awards also consider other aspects of graduate student life including service, volunteerism, supporting diversity, equity and inclusion in STEM. These typically multi-year awards help support stipends and tuition of the award winners, and are a testament to our outstanding students, the quality of science and the excellent training environment in MIP.


Garrett Chavis                             Rackham Merit Fellowship

Christopher Hyunh                      Rackham Merit Fellowship

Leeann Flowers                           NSF Graduate Student Research Fellowship

Jer-En Hsu                                  Taiwan Government Scholarship for Overseas Study

Elizabeth Dean                            NSF Graduate Student Research Fellowship

Andrew Marquis                          NIH Individual NRSA                         

Vi Tang                                         American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship

Jonathan Herrera                         American Physiological Society Porter Fellowship          

Hyo Sub Choi                               NIH Individual NRSA                         

Huilin Wang                                  American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship

Kelly Young                                  American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship

Natalie Warsinger-Pepe               Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship



Lloyd Ruiz                                   Rackham Merit Fellowship

Megan Schaller                            Rackham Merit Fellowship

Natalie Warsinger-Pepe               EBS EDGE Award

Alivia Wu                                     Rackham International Fellowship                                  

Jon Dean                                     Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship

Judy Baek                                    NIH Individual NRSA

Thomas Vigil                               NIH Individual NRSA

Sierra Nance                                NIH Individual NRSA

Steven Romanelli                         NIH Individual NRSA

Ian Gonzalez                               NIH Individual NRSA

Brenda Cisneros-Larios Elias       NIH Individual NRSA

Rudi Starrett                                NIH Individual NRSA

Elissa Hult                                   NIH Individual NRSA

Edith Jones                                  NIH Individual NRSA

Kristy Holme                                HHMI Gilliam Fellowship