STEP Testimonials

Over the last four years, the testimonial feedback from our STEP Fellows has been uniformly positive. General themes within the letters center around the tremendous opportunity to gain wet lab experience while working on their own research project, the excellent mentorship they received, the supportive atmosphere, and how formative their summer research experience was for the development of their career direction.

Here you have some excerpts from letters written by our STEP Fellows: 

My experience with the STEP fellowship supplied me with the mentality and skills necessary to succeed in my graduate program and in a future career as an academic researcher.” Aaron Taylor, STEP Fellow 2011

 “Coming in, I knew quite a bit of advanced mathematics and programming, but I soon saw that my background was just the launching point for the highly-specialized skills I needed to master to conduct further research on cellular kinetics related to diabetes. Fortunately, the high expectations in this lab’s environment were quite conducive to such learning. The rigor required of the researching students, myself included, pushed us to become better students, and made us better researchers as a result.” Eric Yu, STEP Fellow 2012

 “This experience was formulative in my continuing academic research, and the University of Michigan provided a positive working environment for me while allowing me to gain insight into the research process.” Jeffrey Jian, STEP Fellow 2012

 “My lab assignment allowed me to nourish a new set of skills for future research projects. I successfully presented my research findings to STEP colleagues at the end of the summer symposium; thereafter, at the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students in San Antonio, Texas… I quickly realized that the STEP community provided a sense of family and support that allowed me to cope with my inner struggles. I am now proud to say that I stayed within the program to the very end.” Luis Correa, STEP Fellow 2014

 “Even as just a freshman in college, I was doing very exciting hands-on research in a medical field, an opportunity that I surely would not have had at many other research programs. Hopefully more students like me will have the opportunity to participate in the program for many years to come – it is truly a very rewarding experience!” Edward Xiao, STEP Fellow 2013

 “I am extremely grateful of the STEP program for its critical role in assuring me to apply for graduate school and to pursue a career in research.” Bofeng Zhang, STEP Fellow 2013

In no way was a career in research a desire of mine until the STEP program showed me the opportunities the field of biomedical science has to offer. I am very thankful for the opportunity this program provided, and recognize it as one of the most impactful experiences in my life this far.” Brian Fagel, STEP Fellow 2014