Luis Correa

Luis Correa-Medero

Immunology Program Graduate Student Candidate
Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship


Luis is a multifaceted Immunologist devoted to integrating immunological and computational methods to advance insights in immunity and improve immunotherapies. In addition to his work in mechanisms regulating the persistence of cytotoxic lymphocytes, Luis has used his skills to collaborate in projects encompassing immune metabolism, asthmatic inflammatory responses, and characterizing mechanisms of radiotherapy resistance in glioblastoma. Outside the laboratory, Luis is actively engaged in promoting the success of his peers. He organizes and runs a career seminar series to provide minority students with diverse role models in careers within and outside of academia.

Hailing from Carolina, Puerto Rico, Luis obtained his bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. He enjoys traveling across North America and Puerto Rico to visit loved ones and friends. In Michigan, Luis enjoys cooking and sharing meals with friends and enjoying the beautiful state of Michigan.

Research Interests

My doctoral research has the overall objective of improving the efficiency of vaccines and immunotherapies by unraveling the basic mechanisms underlying immune cell function. Specifically, through my Ph.D., I utilized interdisciplinary wet-lab and computational approaches on T cells responding to murine models of viral infection or tumors to generate and test hypotheses relating to pathways regulating T cell persistence. Additionally, I have translated findings from my murine studies to human T cell biology and integrated public data sets from human CAR-T cell and bispecific antibody studies towards interrogating our discovered pathways in these therapeutic settings.

Techniques Used

Flow cytometry, Bioinformatics


  • Correa LO et al. Blood American Society of Hematology December 2022. Sel1L, an Endoplasmic Reticulum Associated Degradation Adaptor, Regulates CD8+ T cell Fate (Poster Presentation)
  • Fattahi F, […] Correa LO et al. The Journal of Immunology May 2022 A critical role for the RNA binding protein HuR in CD4+ T cell-mediated airway inflammation in mouse and human (Poster Presentation)
  • Correa LO et al. Carty SA. Translational Cancer Center Consortium March 2020. Loss of TET2 promotes CD4+ T-Follicular helper cell differentiation (Oral Presentation)
  • Correa LO et al. Carty SA. Autumn Immunology Conference November 2019. Loss of TET2 promotes CD4+ T-Follicular helper cell differentiation (Oral Presentation)


John Wallace Award- Autumn Immunology Conference 2019

American Association of Immunologist Young Investigator Award- Autumn Immunology Conference 2019

Hobbies and Extra Curriculum Activities

Listening to audiobooks, sleeping, disc golfing, tubing, being outside (spring/summer), being indoors (fall/winter)