Ashton Strother, PharmD

PGY1 Pharmacy Resident
PGY1 Chief Resident


Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI

Pharmacy School: University of Michigan 

Why did you choose Michigan's residency program? 

My experiences as a former student and intern at the University of Michigan were fantastic! I knew that I wanted to continue to learn and collaborate with this incredible group of individuals as I stepped into my first pharmacist position. The program is dedicated to providing mentorship and diverse rotational experiences, as well as the opportunity to be extensively involved with research and teaching at the college of pharmacy.

Research Topic: Evaluation of the simulation tool for predicting high-dose methotrexate elimination and need for glucarpidase

Writing Topic: Implementing pharmacogentic testing in transplant

Hobbies outside of pharmacy: Playing piano, composing music, hiking & camping

Favorite Book: The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien

Favorite Movie: The Greatest Showman

Favorite restaurant in Ann Arbor: Tomukun

Advice for future residents: A lot of new experiences happen all at once! I have found that keeping a journal containing the big and small daily successes and setbacks is a great way to reflect and to see growth over time.