Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the key requirements and expectations for the Intern Program?

  • Students are expected to commit to the internship for 2 years (beginning in the summer after P-1 year/before P-2 year, concluding at the end of P-3 year)
  • Expected work hours:
    • Summer (from official start date in early May through Labor Day weekend) = 40 hours per week, rotating shifts, every other weekend and every other holiday (in areas that have different shifts and are open weekends/holidays)
    • School year = may vary by area, but typically ~ 32 hours per month
  • In general, during the first year of the program (as a "Junior Intern"), you will learn more about the operational aspects and workflow of pharmacy practice in your area, and then will transition to more advanced functions and project activities in the second year of the program (as a "Senior Intern")

Q: Will I receive training?

  • Yes, all interns will receive appropriate training. For the Junior Interns, training is typically 4 - 6 weeks.
  • Senior Interns will receive individualized "refresher" training as requested/needed.

Q: Is prior pharmacy experience required?

  • No. While this experience may be beneficial, it is not required for the internship program.

Q: What other opportunities are available during the Intern Program?

  • There are many opportunities as an intern, including (but not limited to):
    • Job shadowing experiences (Junior interns = guaranteed up to 2 paid job shadow experiences during the summer; Senior Interns = guaranteed up to 4 paid job shadow experiences during the summer)
    • Intern Leadership Development sessions throughout the year
    • Leadership opportunities as Chief Intern
    • Final project for all Senior interns
    • Opportunities to work on other projects as the need arises across internship
    • Network and build professional relationships with pharmacists in many areas of Health-System Pharmacy practice
    • Clinical experiences across many areas
    • Potential publications
    • Collaboration with residents
    • Guided mentorship program

Q: How many pharmacy intern positions are available, and in what areas of pharmacy practice?

We have a total of 22 interns in all areas of pharmacy practice at MM (current P-2 and P-3 students)

This year for the class of 2022, 11 intern positions will be open.

Inpatient Pharmacy

  • 2 interns at C.S. Mott Inpatient Pharmacy
  • 1 intern at UH 6th Floor Satellite Pharmacy
  • 1 intern at Central Pharmacy

Ambulatory Care

  • 1 intern at Cancer Center Infusion
  • 1 intern at Oral Oncology
  • 1 intern at Transitions of Care
  • 1 intern at Specialty Pharmacy
  • 1 intern at Taubman Pharmacy


  • 1 intern at Research Pharmacy
  • 1 intern at Medication Use Policy

Q: Do I have any time off during summer?

  • During summer, you will be given 8 non-paid vacation days. Some departments also allow additional time off due to major holidays (Memorial Day or Fourth of July). Each department has its own policy regarding how to put in days for time off and what holidays are considered non-working.

Q: How much will I be paid during the internship?

  • Pay rate is based on your professional year. The current rate for first year interns is $16.66 per hour, with merit raises occurring for second year interns.

Q: What is required with my application? When are applications due?

  • You will apply via the application form link on this page: .   
  • In order to apply, you should complete the online information and interest form (via above link), and upload a letter of intent and copy of your current curriculum vitae. In addition, 2 letters of recommendation should be sent directly from the references to the Pharmacy Internship Program Coordinator - Mike Kraft 

Q: Who should I contact if I have additional questions that are not addressed via the website?

Contact any of the following:


You can also learn more about working at Michigan at the following website:
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