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The University of Michigan is an internationally known center for mitral valve surgery. As shown in the Outcomes area of this website, the vast majority of patients with mitral valve disease are able to undergo valve repair rather than replacement at the University of Michigan. The operative approaches include standard sternotomy or minimally invasive non-sternal approaches. Complex mitral valve repair is accomplished at the University of Michigan with both excellent short- and long-term results, and patients return to normal activity as early as two weeks after their operation.

The University of Michigan is a leader in the treatment of mitral regurgitation associated with heart failure from both dilated and ischemic cardiomyopathies.

The faculty at the University of Michigan have published extensively on the approaches and outcomes of mitral valve procedures, and are leaders in valve reconstruction and preservation operations. Our volume of mitral reparative surgery is one of the highest in the nation.

The diagnosis and treatment of mitral valve disease is an integral part of the delivery of heart care services. The University of Michigan Medical Center is a leader in the diagnosis and treatment of mitral valve disease. Mitral valve disease and its complications, mitral prolapse syndrome, mitral murmurs, congestive heart failure, shortness of breath, embolism and atrial fibrillation affect tens of thousands of patients each year. This interdisciplinary program was founded to provide these patients with services that their primary care physicians and cardiologists can not provide, including:

  • Provision of identified patients with a multi-disciplinary approach to the diagnosis and treatment of mitral valve disease
  • Evaluation of the etiology of mitral valve disease
  • Generation of research literature regarding mitral disease
  • Provision of patients and referring physicians with mitral valve disease education in the areas of effective diagnostic methods and treatment options available
  • Identification and targeting of adult patients at risk for and with mitral valve disease

Comprehensive evaluation of patients with mitral valve disease is a frustrating problem in the practice of cardiology, internal medicine and family practice, as many physicians are not familiar with the scope of this disease. The establishment of this program is in keeping with current trends in medical care, which are focusing on timely, effective interdisciplinary approaches to the treatment of systemic diseases.

The mitral clinic has been established as a one-day service for complete initial patient work-up. This approach may be the most effective method for managing mitral disease patients. These patients are typically difficult for either primary care or cardiac care specialists to identify, much less be aware of current knowledge or appropriate diagnosis and treatment for these patients.

The Clinic is coordinated, managed and supported jointly by the Departments of Cardiac Surgery and Internal Medicine. The Mitral Clinic provides outpatient support for all non-emergent patients. During this visit, patients will have a consultation with the appropriate faculty member and diagnostic tests and procedures will be conducted as required.

Nationally and internationally recognized University of Michigan Medical School faculty are strongly involved. Steven F. Bolling, Professor of Cardiac Surgery, heads the Mitral Clinic.

For more information or an appointment in the Mitral Valve Clinic please contact:

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