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Our Mission

The brain is the most complex organ in the human body. Understanding its complexities – both normally and in disease – requires teams of scientists employing a broad range of research methods. 

The Michigan Neuroscience Institute (MNI) connects investigators from across the University of Michigan campus to probe the mysteries of the brain on a cellular, molecular, and behavioral level.   

The MNI cultivates a collaborative, inclusive, and diverse environment to support established neuroscientists and those in training as they strive to understand the nervous system better and, ultimately, improve lives.


January 23, 2024

MNI Research indicates that "Temperament is innate but hackable"

Huda Akil's lab studied emotional reactivity and vulnerability to stress in rodents for two decades. A recent article in The Transmitter highlighted this research showed that extreme responses to their environment helped explain why some behaviors become pathological in people— but can be modified in early life by targeting inflammation-related