Postdoctoral Positions

Our neuroscience colleagues in various Departments and Colleges across the University of Michigan are looking for postdocs. See listings and lab contacts below.

Flagel Lab

Area of focus: Elucidating the neural circuitry underlying addiction and related behaviors Elucidating the neural circuitry underlying addiction and related behaviors  

The Murphy Lab and Lawrence lab

Area of focus: Study the role of cerebral microvascular dysfunction in the context of Alzheimer’s disease


In 2011, the University of Michigan joined in a collaborative partnership with the University of California to offer postdoctoral fellowship opportunities at the University of Michigan. In this program, the University of Michigan now offers postdoctoral research fellowships in science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), economics, and political science, coupled with faculty mentoring, professional development, and academic networking opportunities.

LSA Collegiate Fellowship

The College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA) at the University of Michigan launched the LSA Collegiate Fellows program in 2016 as a major College initiative aimed at promoting an inclusive scholarly environment, recruiting and retaining exceptional early career scholars, and supporting outstanding scholars who are committed to building a diverse intellectual community.

Aton Lab

Number of Positions: 2

Area of Focus: Sleep and Memory

Area of Focus: Neurobiology of Creativity

Send an email to Dr. Sara Aton

Brang Lab

Area of Focus: Computational Neuroscience

Send an email to Dr. David Brang

Liu Lab

Number of Positions: 2

Area of Focus: MRI of gut-brain interactions (in collaboration with Doug Noll)

Area of Focus: Neurophysiology

Send an email to Dr. Zhongming Liu

Peng Li Lab

Area of Focus: Neural control of breathing

Send an email to Dr. Peng Li 

Paulson Lab

Area of Focus: Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration

Send an email to Dr. Hank Paulson

Goldman Lab

Area of Focus: Retina Regeneration

Send an email to Dr. Dan Goldman

Hearing, Balance and Chemical Senses Program

Area of Focus: Sensory Systems

Send an email to Dr. Susan Shore

Todd Lab

Area of Focus: Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Neurodegeneration

Send an email to Dr. Peter Todd

Pletcher Lab

Area of Focus: Neural Control of Aging

Send an email to Dr.Scott Pletcher

Wang Lab

Area of Focus: Epilepsy, Brain Tumor and Autism

Send an email to Dr.Yu Wang

Collins Lab

Area of Focus: Mechanisms of Neuroinflammation Associated Synaptic loss

Send an email to Dr. Catherine Collins

Pal Lab

Area of Focus: Sleep, Anesthesia, and Consciousness

Send an email to Dr. Dinesh Pal

Cai Lab

Number of Positions: 3

Area of Focus: Neurotechnology (microfluidics/spatial transcriptomics)

Area of Focus: Neurotechnology (whole brain circuit mapping)

Area of Focus: Autism (molecular and circuitry)

Send an email to Dr. Dawen Cai

Ferrario Lab

Number of Positions: 2

Area of Focus: Neurobiology of addiction and motivation

Send an email to Dr. Carrie Ferrario


Myers Lab

Area of Focus: CNS control of food intake and metabolism

Send an email to Dr. Martin Myers

Corfas Lab

Number of Positions: 2

Area of Focus: Mechanisms of myelin plasticity

Area of Focus: Mechanisms of hearing loss

Please send an email to Dr. Gabriel Corfas

Polk Lab

Area of focus: Cognitive neuroscience of aging 
Please send an email to Dr. Thad Polk