The Michigan Neuroscience Institute supports a growing range of basic and translational research projects that seek to understand how the nervous system works and how it is affected by various conditions, including autism, addiction and Alzheimer’s disease … among many others. We invite you to join us as we explore the mysteries of the brain and seek to discover novel treatments for neurological and psychiatric diseases and give to the funding opportunities below.

Postdoctoral Fellow Research Fund

Young scientists often have the best ideas. But just as often, they lack the funds to see their ideas through. The postdoctoral fellow research fund provides critical support to training neuroscientists. Your financial support will help the next generation of scientists find answers to the complex problems posed by the brain and lead us toward better treatments for brain diseases.

Innovative Research Investment

A major goal of the MNI is to foster connections between scientists in order to advance our understanding of the brain and its myriad diseases. We consider the MNI to be a “Collaboratory” that encourages scientists with diverse expertise to join forces and innovate together, beyond their comfort zones. Whether you are interested in brain function or a particular disease, your financial support will enable teams of scientists to explore novel ideas leading to high-impact discoveries.

To learn how to support the Michigan Neuroscience Institute, please contact:

Michael Harders
Senior Director of Development
[email protected]

You may also send a check made payable to:

Michigan Neuroscience Institute
Michigan Medicine Office of Development
777 E. Eisenhower Pkwy., Suite 650
Ann Arbor, MI 48108-3273

Please include a note indicating your area of interest or the fund you wish to support.

Thank you for being a Victor for the Michigan Neuroscience Institute!