Lauren Raycraft, Ph.D.

Research Fellow - Pharmacology
Ferrario Lab

Areas of Interest

Dr. Raycraft’s dissertation work examined the role of lateral hypothalamic-feeding neurons and ovarian hormones in the coordination of time-dependent food-seeking behavior. More broadly, Lauren is interested in the influence of diet on the brain and behavior, as well as how food policies and environments contribute to individual well-being or, conversely, malnutrition. In the Ferrario Lab, Lauren is looking forward to studying corticostriatal and behavioral changes induced by exposure to a junk food diet. 


  • B.S., Psychology, Michigan State University (w/minors in Nutritional Science, Gender Studies, Health Promotion, and Bioethics)
  • M.S., Psychology, Michigan State University (Behavioral Neuroscience)
  • Ph.D., Psychology (Behavioral Neuroscience)

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