Anastasia Yocum, Ph.D.

Research Program Manager


After 10 years of generating various high-throughput biomedical data, Anastasia turned her focus on how to analyze and integrate diverse data and transforming those various data into insights. Anastasia comes to the Prechter Bipolar Research Program as a Research Program Manager after both co-founding a bioinformatics CRO / consulting group, A2IDEA, and as a Research Scientific Facilitator in the Precision Health Initiative at the University of Michigan.

At A2IDEA, Anastasia leads a group of bioinformaticians; it is where she found her passion for translating the heavy statistical, computational and data analytics processes to bench and enabling clinical researchers to accelerate their research aims. 

In Precision Health at the University of Michigan, Anastasia learned the various regulatory and infrastructure requirements for integrating and safely sharing the data related to the electronic health record. 

Anastasia holds degrees from the University of Delaware, Drexel University and finally, a Ph.D. in Pharmacology from the University of Pennsylvania.