Estate and Planned Gifts

The Richard Tam Foundation Challenge

A letter from Judy Tam, the president of the Tam Foundation:

Marschall S. Runge, M.D., Ph.D.;Dean, University of Michigan Medical School; Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs, University of Michigan; CEO, Michigan Medicine  and  Judith Tam, President of the Richard Tam Foundation

I AM ALWAYS ENCOURAGED when I read reports from Dr. McInnis and his team — it is great to see that we are making progress toward finding solutions to improve the lives of people with bipolar disorder. I can see that there is truly reason to be hopeful! We have now come to realize that this disease is complex on many levels — with many factors contributing to the expression of symptoms, including the role of genetics, the role of stress, and the course of the illness itself. It seems likely that there isn’t one bipolar illness, but a number of variations, and each may each require different treatments to be successfully managed.

Just because there is no simple solution doesn’t mean we should stop looking. Every severe manic, depressed or mixed episode takes a toll on the individual. Too often, the painful consequences can leave lasting damage. This problem will require a sustained commitment and effort from brilliant scientific minds AND ongoing financial help from everyone who cares about stopping the devastation of this brutal disease.

I am happy to announce that the Richard Tam Foundation will make a cash gift for every new planned gift to bipolar research at the University of Michigan made between now and June 31, 2020. The Tam Foundation’s gift will be equal to 10%, up to $50,000, of the value of each new documented bequest of $25,000 or more. Please contact Lisa Fabian at or 734-763-4895 to learn more.

I want to applaud the efforts of the world class bipolar research program that is going on here at the University of Michigan. We are fortunate to be able to provide significant funding through our foundation. But, we need your help to accelerate the research and insure the future of this valuable research program.

YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE by making a planned gift to the Heinz C. Prechter Bipolar Research Program.

Judith Tam, President of the Richard Tam Foundation and Prechter Bipolar Research Program Advisory Board Member

To learn more about bequests and other planned giving opportunities, please visit the University of Michigan's estate planning resource page.