June 1, 2021

ENERGY: Brain Health Arts

Launching today: A virtual art exhibit featuring Prechter Program research participants 

ENERGY: Brain Health Arts is an exhibit centered around the power of art as a part of the process in healing and recovery with a focus on the bipolar diagnosis.

All of the artists in the collection, offering a wide variety of talent, are participants in the Prechter Longitudinal Study of Bipolar Disorder.

“It’s an honor to coordinate this work as it brings to light the critical role art plays in better understanding ourselves and each other. I’m grateful to the artists for sharing their gifts highlighting themes of transformation, creativity, and wellness,” says Stephanie Prechter, ENERGY: Brain Health Arts Organizer

Visit the ENERGY virtual gallery. 


You're invited to the Virtual Opening Reception of this exhibit on June 10 at 7pm ET. Click here for more information.

"I created my pieces during breakdowns when I didn’t know what else to do besides paint. Melancholy loneliness guides me through a canvas as I still work through a relatively new diagnosis."  —Valenna M. 

"Creating art is like breathing for me. It's essential to life as I know it." —Trevor M.