February 13, 2024

Unlocking Empowerment: New Website Demystifies Advance Choice Documents for Mental Health Care

New online resources to help guide future mental healthcare decisions are available for individuals and caretakers.

A new, groundbreaking online platform, advancechoice.org, has recently been launched with the goal of demystifying Advance Choice Documents (ACDs) for individuals grappling with mental illness. This innovative resource aims to empower users by providing comprehensive guidance on creating, storing, and sharing ACDs with others, ensuring their voices resonate in future mental healthcare decisions and understanding individual rights when using ACDs during mental health episodes.

Advance Choice Documents afford individuals a vital opportunity to articulate treatment preferences, drawing upon personal experiences to inform future care. Individuals can create their healthcare plan when they are feeling well—and articulate their future needs to potential healthcare professionals, their families, and communities. Through informative videos and resources, the platform equips users and caregivers alike with essential tools to navigate this critical aspect of mental health management. In 2021, members of the Prechter Program published a research paper that called for individuals who are at higher risk for suicidal behaviors to write self-exclusion agreements for firearms. These agreements, much like the Advance Choice Documents, would act as suicide prevention strategies and bar individuals from purchasing guns or firearms.

In an impassioned call to action, the initiative urges individuals and communities touched by mental health conditions to share these invaluable resources widely. By fostering awareness and understanding, together, we can ensure that every voice is heard and honored in the journey towards mental wellness.

Visit advancechoice.org to watch these powerful videos and for more information.