June 12, 2024

Meet Our New Research Staff

Please join the Prechter team in welcoming three new research technicians!

Lauren Busuito, B.A.

Lauren is from Dearborn, Michigan and graduated this past May with her Bachelor of Arts in Psychological Science with high honors and with departmental honors from Albion College. While at Albion, Lauren completed a departmental thesis which focused on how empathy, similarity in experience, and pain type all interact to affect a person’s memory. She was recently hired as a Research Tech/Study Coordinator focusing on the Longitudinal Study and she aims to gain knowledge of and experience in multiple specialties of psychological research. Lauren plans to obtain her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, and she have strong interests in Cognitive Psychology, Neuropsychology, Psychological Assessment, and other areas. In her free time, Lauren enjoys cooking and baking, spending time with my family and 2 pet dogs, and being active outside.



Jack DiCarlantonio, B.S. 

Jack completed his Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh in April 2024. During his time there, he contributed significantly to the Personality Processes and Outcomes Laboratory, gaining extensive research experience as a research assistant in two studies. His research interests predominantly revolve around mood disorders, with a particular focus on understanding emotion dysregulation and comorbid disorders associated with Bipolar Disorder, along with their overlapping effects. Additionally, Jack conducted his honors thesis on children and adolescents with Bipolar Disorder and comorbid ADHD, examining their mood lability and emotion regulation levels. Jack was recently hired as a Research Tech/Associate focusing on the BD2 study. In the future Jack is interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in clinical psychology but is excited to gain more research experience before doing so. In his free time Jack does a lot of art which includes sculpture, ceramics, and film photography.


Victoria Murphy, B.S. 

Victoria completed her Bachelor of Science with high honors in Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience and a minor in Statistics at the University of Michigan. Victoria joined the EmoTe lab through the competitive Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) at UM in 2021 and has now transitioned to a Clinical Research Coordinator Position on the PRIORI study. Victoria aims to understand contributing factors of bipolar spectrum disorders and explore how personalized intervention can change illness trajectory. Victoria's honor's thesis focused on the relationship between sleep and circadian rhythms, emotion-based impulsivity, and bipolar disorder. Victoria is interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in Neuropsychology. In her free time, she enjoys yoga, baking bread, and audiobooks.