Montie-Shumaker Kidney Cancer Lecture

Dr. Sumanta Kumar Pal (top) and Dr. Bradley Leibovich (bottom) are the 2019 Biennial Montie-Shumaker Kidney Cancer Lecture Visiting Professors

The Montie-Shumaker Lecture Series in Renal Cell Cancer seeks to bring leading voices in the research and treatment of renal cell cancer to southeastern Michigan. It is named in honor of Dr. James Montie, the founding chairman of the University of Michigan Department of Urology and his friend and former patient, Tom Shumaker. Aided by cutting-edge treatment from specialists like Dr. Montie, Mr. Shumaker lived and thrived as a renal cell cancer patient for over 20 years. During this time, he defied conventional thought of what life with cancer looks like and was a source of inspiration and hope for all of those around him. This lecture series is made possible by a gift from his wife, Sharon Shumaker.

The Montie-Shumaker Kidney Cancer Lecture was held on November 8, 2019. For more details about about this lecture, please click here.

Montie-Shumaker Kidney Cancer Lecture recording.