About UroAnki

UroAnki is a digital flashcard deck designed to help junior residents master the fundamentals of Urology efficiently and effectively. It is meant to be used with Anki, a free and open-source flashcard app that utilizes spaced repetition to make remembering things easy. Spaced repetition is an evidence-based learning technique that enhances long-term retention through active recall of information over increasing spans of time.

UroAnki is primarily adapted from Pocket Guide to Urology (6th Edition) with permission from Jeff A. Wieder, MD. Pocket Guide to Urology is a comprehensive evidence-based reference book that emphasizes clinical guidelines, consensus statements, and landmark studies. Since the first edition was released in 1999, Pocket Guide to Urology has become one of the most popular urology texts used by trainees worldwide.

The material covered in UroAnki was expertly curated and peer-reviewed by Urology faculty at the University of Michigan to ensure that it is practical and addresses many of the most common clinical scenarios junior residents are expected to encounter and manage (i.e., predominantly horses and not zebras). The flashcards were crafted by a team of residents committed to advancing urologic education.

Our goal is to release timely updates to stay abreast of advances in urologic practice relevant to junior residents. We also plan to release expansion packs designed to help senior residents thrive on advanced rotations as they progress through training. To view the most recent developments and a schedule of upcoming releases, please check out our update log.

We would love to hear your thoughts about UroAnki. Let us know how we can improve your UroAnki experience by submitting general feedback. You can also submit corrections and view an updated list of errata.

If you would like to support the resident team behind UroAnki and the development of future installments, please consider contributing to our coffee fund.

How to Get Started

Please click here to download UroAnki.

If you are new to Anki, please checkout this Youtube playlist by AnKing which includes everything you need to know to get started. After familiarizing yourself with the basics we recommend checking out these useful Anki add-ons curated by AnKing.


Thank you to all of the following team members who have contributed their time, energy, and talents to UroAnki:

  • Jeff A. Wieder, MD, author Pocket Guide to Urology.
  • University of Michigan Urology Faculty
    • Ganesh S. Palapattu MD, Chair of Urology
    • Kate H. Kraft MD, Residency Program Director
    • Sapan N. Ambani MD, Associate Residency Program Director
    • Khaled S. Hafez MD PhD, Associate Chair for Education
    • Paholo G. Barboglio Romo MD
    • Yooni Blair MD
    • Anne P. Cameron MD
    • Chad Ellimoottil MD MS
    • Meidee Goh MD
    • Lindsey Herrel MD MS
  • UroAnki Resident Team
    • Chanan Reitblat MD MBA, University of Michigan
    • Apoorv Dhir MD, University of Michigan
    • Bryn M. Launer MD, Vanderbilt University
    • Vadim Osadchiy MD, University of California Los Angeles
    • Kyle A. Shepherd,  DO candidate, Rocky Vista University
    • Abhi Venkataraman MD MBA, University of Southern California
    • Robert Wang MD, University of Michigan
  • The AnKing Team for permission to adapt their Anki tools for use in UroAnki.