Bing Ye, Ph.D.

Michigan Neuroscience Institute Affiliates
Burton L. Baker Collegiate Professor of the Life Sciences
Research Professor, Life Sciences Institute
Professor, Cell & Developmental Biology

210 Washtenaw Ave Rm 5183A 
Ann Arbor MI 48109-2216


Areas of Interest

The focus of our research is to address (1) how neuronal development contributes to the assembly and function of the nervous system and (2) how defects in this process lead to brain disorders. On neuronal development, we are interested in how neurons develop dendrites and axons into distinct subcellular compartments and how experience interacts with the genome to shape the nervous system. In brain disorders, we investigate the role of dysregulated expression levels of genes (e.g., in Down syndrome). We use both Drosophila and mice in our research, and take a multi-disciplinary approach that includes genetics, cell biology, developmental biology, biochemistry, advanced imaging (for neuronal structures and activity), electrophysiology, computation, and behavioral studies.

Associated Grad Programs

Cell & Developmental Biology, Cellular & Molecular Biology, NeuroscienceCenter for Cell Plasticity and Organ Design


  • University of California-San Francisco, Postdoctoral Fellow - 2008 
  • Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Ph.D. - 2001
  • Shanghai Institute of Physiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, M.S. - 1995 
  • Nanjing University, B.S. - 1992 

Published Articles or Reviews

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