COVID-19 Resources

Connecting Virtually During COVID - Tip Sheet for Patients and Families


This tip sheet offers simple instructions to share with your patients to help them connect virtually with loved ones using their personal smart phone or tablet devices. 


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Communication Strategies for Providers


Guide sheet created by the Center for Health Communications Research at U-M School of Public Health.


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COVID-Ready Communication Skills from VitalTalk


This resource is from VitalTalk, a nonprofit social impact startup dedicated to making communication skills for serious illness part of every clinician’s toolbox. VitalTalk has crowdsourced this free communication primer to provide some practical advice on how to talk about difficult topics related to COVID-19.


Click here to view the most updated resources from VitalTalk, including versions of this COVID-ready communications guide in Spanish, French, and German.



Michigan Medicine COVID-19 Well-Being Help Center

The Michigan Medicine Wellness Office has launched a centralized website to share the many emotional health and well being resources for faculty, staff, and learners available during this crisis, provided by the COVID-19 Strategic Planning Team for Unified Mental Health Support. Included are individual, team, in person, and remote resources. This page is being updated frequently, so we encourage you to check back regularly for more resources.

Click here to learn about emotional health and well-being resources for Michigan Medicine faculty, staff, and learners.



 Oncology Language for the COVID-19 Pandemic from Rogel Cancer Center


This document offers oncology providers sample language for communicating changes in delivery of cancer care due to the pandemic of the novel coronavirus of 2019 (COVID-19). It contains 3 general evidence-based communication principles, as well as suggestions for addressing specific issues related to certain aspects of cancer care. The suggested language is not intended to be a verbatim script, and practitioners are encouraged to adapt the wording in the hopes it will help all providers deal with patient concerns during this difficult time.


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Michigan COVID-19 Pandemic Resource Guide from UM Poverty Solutions


A new Michigan COVID-19 Pandemic Resource Guide provides information on how to access various resources, aimed at supporting Michiganders through the coronavirus pandemic and related economic slowdown. Poverty Solutions,  a U-M initiative aimed at preventing and alleviating poverty, compiled the Michigan COVID-19 Pandemic Resource Guide to help people make sense of the new resources becoming available as a result of the rapidly changing federal, state and local responses to the COVID-19 outbreak. The programs in this guide are supported by the state and federal government, private companies, and nonprofits that serve the majority of Michigan residents, plus there is a special section for programs serving Detroit residents and links to local resources in other areas of the state. The COVID-19 outbreak and responses are evolving quickly, and this guide will continue to be updated by Poverty Solutions.


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Addressing Patients Emotional Needs During COVID-19 Workup and Diagnosis: Guidance for Clinicians from MHA and Center for Traumatic Stress


As a healthcare provider, you are well-versed in delivering information to your patients. Given the severity of COVID-19, your patients may have additional worries and concerns that impact their health. This document, developed by the Michigan Hospital Association Keystone Center and Center for Traumatic Stress, intends to guide you through emotions that patients may experience as they are worked up for and/or are diagnosed with COVID-19, as well as throughout the management of their illness.


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