Mentorship Program

Our Mentorship Program promotes career success for UM-SBDRC members, assisting investigators and trainees at all stages of their careers through the development of individual mentoring committees to help with:

  • Establishing a focused and robust research program
  • Meeting required benchmarks needed for academic promotion
  • Encouraging timely manuscript and grant submissions
  • Developing a collaborative approach to research
  • Identifying best technology/approaches for addressing basic questions in skin biology
  • Facilitating translation of research findings from bench to clinic
  • Ensuring a diverse pool of successful trainees and faculty

Email any questions about our Mentorship Program to Carmel McKeon, UM-SBDRC Center Administrator at [email protected].


Dr. J. Michelle Kahlenberg

J. Michelle Kahlenberg, MD, PhD

Director, Mentorship Program

Dr. Anj Dlugosz

Andrzej Dlugosz, MD

Associate Director, Mentorship Program

John J. Voorhees, MD FRCP

John J. Voorhees, MD, FRCP

Associate Director, Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program - Shared Resources

Access to materials shared in the "MED-UM SBDRC Mentoring" folder in Dropbox is restricted to members of the UM SBDRC Mentoring M-Community group. To be added to the group mailing list and team Dropbox folder, please email:  with your UM uniqname or email address, and your department and/or lab affiliation. For questions or to suggest additional materials for inclusion in this resource, please contact Allison Billi, MD, PhD ([email protected]) and/or Lisa Abernathy-Close, PhD ([email protected]).