Pilot & Feasibility Program

Providing direct support for research that brings new investigators into the field of skin diseases and biology, and for innovative preliminary studies and new technology development.

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The University of Michigan Skin Biology and Diseases Resourced-based Center (UM-SBDRC) invites investigators to submit research pilot and feasibility proposals to fund early investigators and promote interdisciplinary engagement and collaborations with groups outside the field of dermatology.

The Pilot & Feasibility Program will provide direct support for research in an effort to bring new investigators into the field and to drive innovative preliminary studies and new technology development. We will initially solicit applications for four awards each year: two will be Pilot Grants designed to help generate preliminary data that will lead to new extramural support; the other two will be Innovation Awards, aimed specifically at supporting the development of innovative technology or experimental approaches.

Funds Available

  • Total of $100,000

Number of Potential Awardees

  1. Two Pilot Grants - $40,000 each
  2. Two Innovation Awards - $10,000 each

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Submissions for Pilot Grants and Innovation Awards will be open to the entire University of Michigan Research Community
  2. Proposed studies must have direct relevance to the study of skin biology and disease
  3. UM-SBDRC Members are encouraged to apply for both Pilot Grants and Innovation Awards


  1. Investigators who are not yet working in skin research
  2. New or early-stage investigators
  3. New animal and/or in vitro model development

P & F awards are subject to change

P&F Awardees

  • James Elder, MD, PhD, Dermatology, University of Michigan: "Single-Cell RNA-Seq analysis of the effect of NETs in TH17 polarization:
  • Pei-Lan Tsou, PhD, Cell and Molecular Biology, Grand Valley State University: "Dissecting the role of CD13/Aminopeptidase N in scleroderma pathogenesis"
  • Gargi Ghosh, PhD, Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan-Dearborn: "Multi-functional hybrid hydrogel for wound healing"
  • Yee Sun Tan, PhD, Internal Medicine (Rheumatology), University of Michigan: "Elucidating the cellular and molecular role of PIXT1 in skin inflammation And UVB-mediated keratinocyte apoptosis"
  • Mrinal Sarkar, PhD, Dermatology, University of Michigan: "Role of each member of the IL-36 cytokines in keratinocyte immune responses"

James T. Elder, MD, PhD

Dr. James T. Elder

Kirk D. Wuepper Professor of Molecular Genetic Dermatology
University of Michigan Department of Dermatology

Director, UM-SBDRC Pilot & Feasibility Program