Functional Analytics Core

The role of the Functional Analytics Core (FAC) is to accelerate, enhance, and enrich the effectiveness of ongoing basic and translational research, and to help bring outside investigators into the field of cutaneous biology.

We provide CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing services in keratinocytes for generation of both knock-out and knock-in keratinocytes, as well as functional characterization of mutant keratinocyte lines. In addition, we provide access to systems biology analyses, disease- and cytokine-specific gene expression profiling, and training.

If you are interested in the FAC bioinformatics services, please email .
If you are interested in the FAC cell line services, please email 


Dr. Johann Gudjonsson

Johann Gudjonsson, MD, PhD

Director, UM Skin Biology and Diseases Resource-based Center
Director, UM-SBDRC Administrative and Functional Analytics Cores

Dr. Lam (Alex) Tsoi

Lam (Alex) Tsoi, PhD

Associate Director, UM-SBDRC Functional Analytics Core