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Dr. Mark Day’s laboratory at the NCRC is part of the Translational Oncology Program (TOP). This team of researchers is dedicated to understanding the molecular mechanisms responsible for driving the metastasis of prostate and bladder cancer. Both prostate and bladder cancer are highly heterogeneous, meaning that the cells within the cancer do not respond to a single therapy or drug.

Our hope is that these methods will lead to the advancement of personalized treatment for all bladder cancer patients.We believe that new methods are needed to characterize the cells within these tumors and to determine the molecular mechanisms underlying metastatic disease. Once this is determined, we can directly target specific proteins and receptors on the tumor cell to eradicate its growth and inhibit metastasis. Currently, we are testing new therapies to treat metastatic prostate and bladder cancer.

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Mark Day, PhD

Mark Day, PhD

Professor of Urology
Director of Education, Basic/Translational Research