Reservation Calendars for Vision Research Core Equipment

To reserve Vision Research Core equipment, use the links below to access the online reservation calendar.

Morphology and Imaging Module

Please note the following changes:

  1. Due to its small size, Brad Nelson will be the sole user of the MIM wet lab (7040 Brehm) room during normal business hours until further notice.  The equipment will be available to individual laboratory personnel to use equipment in 7040 Brehm outside of business hours at all other times (evenings, early mornings, and weekends but occupancy will still be delimited to 1 user at a time.  To reserve 7040 Brehm for use of any to the available equipment, please use the new “7040 Wet lab” calendar listed below to reserve this room for use of the cryostats, paraffin microtome, or paraffin embedding station, as the individual calendars have been taken offline until further notice.
  2. The occupancy of the microscope room is limited to 1 person at a time until further notice.  Please use the "7054A Microscope Room” calendar to reserve this room for use of the SP5, DM6000, or Olympus microscopes. The individual calendars for these microscopes have been taken offline.

Morphology and Imaging Module Online Reservation Calendars

Molecular Biology Module

Please note the following changes:

  1. The MBM common equipment room (7247 Brehm) is split into two sections - Left Bay and Right Bay (marked with signage on the floor). Each side can have only one occupant at a time. Entering the room requires a calendar reservation of the particular bay (Left or Right) to be occupied.
  2. Important - Please reserve your occupancy time in the MBM Common Equipment Room Brehm 7247 Right Bay or Left Bay reservation calendar. Equipment in each bay is listed under the respective calendar.
  3. Important - A reservation of equipment within a bay also needs to be completed. This is to ensure the availability of equipment and for tracking purposes.
  4. When using load-and-leave equipment, such as the BioRad CFX Thermocyclers, please reserve two 15-minute timeslots on the room occupancy calendar - one for when you put your samples in and start the run and another for when you retrieve your samples and results. The free time in between these reservations allows others to use the bay while your run is in progress.
  5. All instruments are to be sanitized before and after use and this must be documented on a cleaning log for each instrument. Cleaning supplies, including Cavicide disinfectant, ethanol and paper towels, are by the sink. The cleaning logs are in plastic sheet protectors and cleaning is documented using a dry erase marker on the plastic. Do not wipe the cleaning logs. These will be periodically recorded and then wiped clean.
  6. The Milli-Q ultrapure water system is between the two bays. A reservation of either bay can be used to gain access to the water system. The water system's cleaning log is taped to the glass door of the cabinet across from the sink.
  7. Finally, please bring gloves from your lab. Wear fresh gloves when entering the room and new fresh gloves when cleaning with Cavicide or Ethanol. Remove gloves and wash your hands before leaving the room. When entering the room, please remember to physically distance yourself from users who are at the sink.

Molecular Biology Module Online Reservation Calendars

Functional Assessment Module

These reservation calendars are for trained members of a vision core P30 investigator’s laboratory. If you require training or services, please submit a work order.”

Please note: Reservations for the Pupillometer and OptoMotry System are made on the same calendar

Functional Assessment Online Reservation Calendars