eHealth Education Programs

Dr. Jonathan Trobe displays the EyesHaveIt mobile app on his iphone
Dr. Jonathan Trobe displays the EyesHaveIt mobile app on his iphone

Web-based technologies bring the possibility of sharing large amount of targeted information, enhancing how both patients and providers learn about ophthalmic disease.

Electronic health (eHealth) innovations use technology to improve health care delivery. We can now leverage technology to individualize and personalize the way in which we provide education. Our faculty at Kellogg are creating content for patients, ophthalmic staff, resident and fellow trainees and both primary care doctors and ophthalmologists through various novel modalities. These resources serve multiple missions: 1) to educate the next generation of physicians, 2) to educate professional and para-professional eye care providers and 3) to provide patients with the resources to collaborate effectively in managing their chronic eye disease.

Medical Student Education

Jonathan Trobe, MD, and Ariane Kaplan, MD, have created a series of YouTube videos demonstrating how to perform an ophthalmologic examination. View the Ophthalmology for Medical Students videos.

Dr. Kaplan has worked with Dr. Emara and CJ Pollack Rundle, COMT, to create a course to train medical students to help at our Kellogg outreach program to provide ophthalmic care for uninsured patients in our community though our collaboration with the Hope Clinic. Medical students learn how to auto-refract, use the lensometer to measure glasses, check vision and record all of their findings in the medical record. The medical students who complete the program commit to serving this population for at least seven Saturday clinics during their time in medical school.

Primary Care Provider Education 

Jonathan Trobe, MD, has created The Eyes Have It, a web-based teaching an assessment program on vision care available on-line or through an app. Download the app

Patient Education

Paula Anne Newman-Casey, MD, MS, has worked with Gale Oren, Associate Librarian of the Henderson Library at the Kellogg Eye Center, to create educational handouts for patients on over 300 eye disease topics. Many of these handouts also have links to web sites that provide high quality additional information. These educational handouts on eye disease can be downloaded from the University of Michigan Patient Education Clearinghouse.

Support Groups