Dr. Steven Archer

Steven M. Archer, MD

Ida Lucy Iacobucci Collegiate Professorship in Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
Professor, Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

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Jennifer Allen: 734-936-9503

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Research Interests

Developmental factors in congenital esotropia, retinopathy of prematurity, vision testing in preverbal infants, adult strabismus.

The most important phases of visual system development occur in the first few months to first few years of life. Thus, most childhood eye diseases that impair vision also interfere with the normal development of the visual system. Dr. Steven Archer assesses the development of visual functions such as acuity, stereopsis (depth perception), and ocular alignment in infants whose visual systems have developed normally and in those with pathological conditions such as congenital esotropia or congenital cataracts.

Dr. Archer has ongoing projects looking at the causes and treatment of double vision in adults.

Clinical Interests

Diagnosis and treatment of strabismus and amblyopia, lacrimal disorders, cataracts, and inherited eye diseases in children; strabismus and double vision in adults.

Subspecialty: Pediatric Ophthalmology

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  • Medical School - University of Chicago, 1978
  • Residency - Ophthalmology, University of Chicago, 1984
  • Fellowships
    • Developmental Neurobiology, University of Colorado, 1981
    • Pediatric Ophthalmology, Indiana University, 1986

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