M3/M4 Clerkship


Students participating in the Dermatology clerkship will learn basic dermatology, develop observational skills, and hone their analytic thinking with respect to differential diagnosis. Through experience working with patients, they enhance their skills in interpreting data and making clinical judgments.


Learning from both faculty and residents, students gain a well-rounded view into the practice of dermatology. For most of their teaching, students work one-on-one with a resident who provides a significant teaching component regarding the diagnosis and clinical care of each patient. Students also attend daily conferences with Dermatology faculty and weekly lectures with the clerkship director in addition to shadowing residents in clinic.


During this clinical rotation, 4th year students work at various clinic sites, including the Taubman Center, Dominos Farms, Cancer Center, University Health Service and the VA Clinic in Ann Arbor.


Faculty and House Officers independently evaluate students based on observation and an oral presentation. Student success is measured on the quality of care provided (including clinical judgment), participation and performance in conferences, level of knowledge, skill level, and presentation. A Final Performance Report is prepared by the Clerkship Director to summarize each student's performance and assign a grade. These reports become part of the student's permanent record.

Schedule / Rotation

The M4 rotation lasts four weeks. Please see the U-M Medical School website for specific dates and additional program information.