Director of Simulation - Department of Emergency Medicine


  • Board certification in Emergency Medicine
  • Advance training and experience with medical simulation 

Job Description

The Department of Emergency Medicine is seeking a dynamic, innovative faculty member to lead our simulation program.   We are seeking an individual with outstanding simulation skills and proven organizational abilities who wants to drive the program to the next level. The overall goals for this position are to enhance and support the emergency department’s vision of creating the future of emergency care. The ideal candidate will be involved in creating a vision for use of simulation to further the department’s strategic goals and vision.



  • Develop and maintain an annual budget for departmental simulation activities.
  • Coordinate scheduling of departmental simulation activities with the Clinical Simulation Center and other organizations.
  • Maintain accurate records and produce an annual report on all departmental simulation activities and expenses.
  • Maintain a relationship with the Director of Anatomical Donations Services for procurement of cadaveric tissue for procedural skills laboratories.
  • Develop relationships with medical and simulation equipment suppliers to gain their support for supplying goods and services for medical training.


Develop and maintain working relationships with the staff and Directors of the University of Michigan Clinical Simulation Center.

  • Represent the Department of Emergency Medicine as a member of the Clinical Simulation Center Steering Committee.

Departmental Simulation-Based Educational Activities

  • Oversee and support the development of course curricula in accordance with current training standards for all levels of trainees. This will be accomplished collaboratively with appropriate departmental leadership:
    • Residents – Program Director and Associate Chair for Education
    • Medical Students – Clerkship Director and Associate Chair for Education
    • Fellows – Fellowship Directors and Associate Chair for Education
    • Nursing – Director of Nursing
    • Interdisciplinary Simulation team training – Directors of Departments/Services that interact with ED including but not limited to Surgical Services and Critical Care
    • Faculty - Associate Chair for Education and Department Chair
  • Support the expansion of departmental simulation-based activities as deemed appropriate and necessary by departmental leaders.
  •  Assist in the development of special simulation-based projects (e.g., disaster drills, multi-disciplinary training, introduction of new technology or equipment).
  •  Collaborate with faculty and staff throughout the UM medical community on simulation-based activities.
  • Actively participate in engaging multidisciplinary trainees/learners in the application of newer and advanced technologies such as mixed/augment/virtual reality to train, educate as well as assist in conducting research in this realm.
  • Provide leadership for the development of simulation activities for regional fellow’s conferences in which we are hosting.

Faculty Development

  • Develop and implement simulation instructor training for faculty and residents.
  • Maintain a core group of simulation faculty within the Department of Emergency Medicine. 
  • Oversee programs for development and maintenance of faculty procedural skills.


  • Design appropriate methods for evaluating the efficacy of departmental simulation-based training activities and maintain on-going data collection on the efficacy of simulation-based training activities.
  • Solicit and regularly review feedback on departmental simulation-based activities.
  • Support the development and writing of grants to support research related to simulation-based activities.
  • Consult on resident and faculty simulation scholarship.

Reporting Structure

Reports to the Associate Chair of Education of the Department of Emergency Medicine.


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