Emergency Critical Care Center

The Emergency Critical Care Center (EC3) is part of Michigan Medicine and was created to improve access to timely critical care by enhancing the capacity and capability to deliver high quality critical care in the Adult Emergency Department. 

Why is this Important?

Critical illness and injury, when considered as a single entity, is the leading cause of death in the United States.  It has become a national burden to Emergency Departments around the country at an alarming rate.  This growth is expected to continue due to an aging population with increased comorbidities and complications of advanced medicine.


The goal of the EC3 is to support the Michigan Medicine Strategic Plan, establish multidisciplinary patient care protocols for critical care that ensures seamless transition from the emergency department to the inpatient ICU's, and by enhancing the capacity and capability to deliver high quality emergency critical care by creating a dedicated Emergency Critical Care unit with the emergency department.

The EC3 will provide the ideal setting to provide contemporary critical care to our sickest patients, perform cutting-edge research through the Weil Institute for Critical Care Research & Innovation, and train future leaders in Emergency Critical Care.


EC3 provides an opportunity to learn the interface between critical care and emergency medicine. 

Not currently taking rotators -- please check back later.