Research Services

To ensure that researchers are well supported to produce excellent research, apply successfully for grants, and be as efficient and productive as possible, Emergency Medicine offers a full range of support services, including:

  • Statistical support
    • The department offers statistical support to faculty to support research projects.  Whether researchers need assistance in defining research questions, analyzing data, or setting up data collection, support can be provided.  Submit an email here to request assistance with an Emergency Medicine research project.
  • IRB guidance – The department provides IRB assistance and guidance to faculty and residents. For more information, contact Rebecca Cunningham.
  • Grant proposal submission support: Department staff members are available to help faculty and residents apply for funding – handling all administrative details for grant submission.  For more information, send an email here.
  • Grant proposal department and medical school deadlines 
  • If you are an ED faculty member and are working on a research project that may be of interest to a resident or student, please tell us more about it here so that we can help you recruit residents/students.  Please be specific about your project and what skill sets you are seeking.
  • Interested in starting a study in the U-M Emergency Department?  U-M ED faculty, please complete and submit this form (pdf). If you are interested in connecting to U-M faculty to start a study in the ED, find a U-M ED researcher by area of study. 

Email us if you are interested in finding an opportunity to work on projects with research faculty.