January 11, 2018

Essential Piece Employee Recognition Award Winners

At the recent December All Staff Meeting, Steve Maxwell, Department of Emergency Medicine Administrator awarded a $50 gift cards to each of the following staff members Lauren Falls, Nancy Frost, and Sonia Kamat for the end of the year Essential Piece drawing.   These staff members were eligible for the drawing by having three or more nominations submitted by their co-workers during the past year. 

All staff members in the Department of Emergency are encouraged to nominate their coworkers foran Essential Piece Award.  Using the program criteria below staff may nominate co-workers by using the Essential Piece Award submission form located on the department’s internal homepage.    

Essential Piece Program Criteria: 

Lauren Falls, Nancy Frost and Steve Maxwell (not pictured Sonia Kamat)
  • Technical accomplishment, breakthrough, or discovery
  • Creativity and/or initiative used in accomplishing work assignments, including problem definition and solution
  • Innovation by team or individual that contributes to progress towards the completion of a project or milestone
  • Exemplary performance in response to an important organizational need
  • Improvement of quality, efficiency, safety, productivity, etc.
  • Administrative or management practices that have a positive organizational effect
  • Achievement in support of Lab's goals or values, e.g., ES&H, cost cutting/enhanced efficiency, educational outreach, diversity, and activities that enhance the Lab's standing in the community as a "good" citizen.
  • Performance of other duties outside the employee's own expected job requirements.

On behalf of the Emergency Medicine Recognition Committee, we’d like to congratulate the winners!