1. All publications involving the use of Clinical Simulation Center resources must acknowledge the Clinical Simulation Center.
  2. All research proposals to the Clinical Simulation Center (CSC) must be reviewed by the CSC research committee.
  3. If you wish to submit a proposal that draws on existing CSC data, or data from trainees or departments other than your own, you must submit a proposal and receive prior approval from the research committee. Three members of the Research Committee, excluding the Center Director, will review the proposal. The Principle Investigator of the original research must be invited to participate in the review process. In the event that the PI has not completed the use of data associated with his/her project, s/he has the right to restrict access to those data. The PI must provide written authorization for use of data collected for other projects in secondary analyses before the research committee considers granting approval.
  4. If a proposal is accepted, the Director of the Clinical Simulation Center will review the project’s feasibility and resource support requirements.
  5. The Clinical Simulation Center will maintain an IRB for studies of center-wide research.
  6. The Clinical Simulation Research Committee will identify and track scholarly outcomes associated with the Simulation Center. The Clinical Simulation Center’s website will include a list of projects and publications.
  7. The Clinical Simulation Research Committee will identify and review policies and manuscripts generated from other Simulation Centers, focusing on those that have included translational outcomes, as needed.