Simulator Operation Courses

These classes are designed to teach learners how to use a human patient simulator. We offer classes covering the basic operation of three different computer controlled mannequin simulators: Laerdal SimMan / SimBaby and Gaumard's HAL Family. These classes will be held in small groups and cover the basic principles involved with powering up, functions, capabilities, do's and don't's, and applications for each simulator. Classes are free of charge* and open to any University of Michigan Medical Center faculty, nursing education or allied health personnel who are interested in potentially developing an applicable curriculum that utilizes human patient simulators. Additional tutoring that covers advanced scenario programming for simulators will be conducted on an individual basis once the basic class is completed for any given simulator.

All classes take place in the Clinical Simulation Center located on the second floor of the Towsley Center at the main medical campus in Ann Arbor. Sessions are focus on “hands-on” practice with ample opportunity for questions and answers in a user friendly, low pressure, environment.

*University of Michigan employees only.

Gaumard Adult HAL, Ped 5 yr old HAL and Baby 1 yr old HAL

The Gaumard HAL simulators are advanced human patient simulators that operate on the same software platform. Each simulator features an anatomically correct mannequin and fully programmable physiological functionality. The HAL’s are user friendly and can all be programmed to run specific scenarios or operate on the fly. They are ideal for pediatric and adult cardiac arrest training, trauma scenarios, patient assessment, team training and multiple other applications. The simulators incorporate palpable pulses, breathing, heart sounds, breath sounds, bowel sounds, responsive pupils (adult and ped only), O2 saturation (adult only), biphasic defibrillation, etc. All physiological outputs are detectable on a patient monitor. For more details please see our simulator page.

Laerdal SimMan and SimBaby

SimMan and SimBaby are very user friendly simulators that run off identical, PC laptop Windows based, software. These simulators can be used for both pediatric and adult mock arrest training, trauma, patient assessment, team training and multiple other applications. They can be pre-programmed to run a specific scenario or be operated "on the fly". The SimMan and SimBaby have palpable pulses, simulated breathing, heart sounds, breath sounds and bowel sounds. All physiological outputs can be observed on a patient monitor. For more details please see our simulator page.


 If you are interested in the Simulator Operation courses, please fill out the form below. We will contact you with available dates and times.


There is a $250 per person fee for Non UM participants.