Executive Committee

James Cooke

James M. Cooke, MD

Executive Director, Clinical Simulation Center
Professor of Learning Health Sciences
Professor of Family Medicine
Charles Friedman

Charles P. Friedman, PhD

Department Chair of Learning Health Sciences
Josiah Macy Jr. Professor of Medical Education
Collaborative Lead for Infrastructure
Professor of Information
Professor of Public Health
Paul Gauger

Paul G. Gauger, MD

Surgical Director, Clinical Simulation Center
William J. Fry Professor of Surgery Chief
Professor of Learning Health Sciences
Chief, Division of Endocrine Surgery

Laura C. Mason, MSN, RN, CCRN, NPD-BC

Educational Nurse Specialist, Professional Development & Education
Nursing Director, Clinical Simulation Center
Adjunct Clinical Instructor, University of Michigan School of Nursing

Lauryn Rochlen, MD

Medical Director, Clinical Simulation Center
Associate Professor, Anesthesiology
Associate Professor, Learn Health Sciences

Deborah M. Rooney, PhD

Director of Education and Research, Clinical Simulation Center
Director 3D & Innovations Lab
Professor of Learning Health Sciences on the Clinical Track
Debra Yake

Debra L. Yake, RN

AHA ACLS/PALS Course Director and Instructor
AHA BLS Instructor
Training Specialist Senior