May 25, 2021

Touch Free Check-In at the CSC

SimTRAC system pioneered during COVID lockdown tracks space utilization and CSC learners/users attendance

Using Google Workspace the CSC product and application managers Jim Augé and Erik Alderink created a custom tracking and check-in system for the simulation center.  Users scan activity-specific QR codes on lobby display screens with their phones when they enter either CSC location, rather than using previous communal laptop station method which did not meet the new COVID protocols. It is not only a more sanitary and more individualized process but is easier to leave instructor feedback.  

The pair were already working on the system prior to the COVID lockdown, but accelerated their efforts to implement SimTRAC on May 18, 2020 for use during the Critical Care Orientation (CCO) for Covid ICU nurses which became the CSC's top priority training in Spring of 2020.  Nursing educators Marie Wolfer, Lori DeVries and Karrie Martis who conduced the CCO were able to weigh in on SimTRAC's real-world usability and even suggest some features to add.

The system is now the sole method for checking in, instructor and facility feedback, as well as an option for the instructors to record attendance.



Jim Auge

Product and Application Manager