Allen Flynn

Allen Flynn, PhD, PharmD

Assistant Professor, Department of Learning Health Sciences
Research Analyst
Technology Lead

1161C North Ingalls Building



Following his graduation in 1993 as a Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Michigan, Allen Flynn studied Computer Science. After working as a network analyst during the dot-com bubble he returned to pharmacy practice as a hospital staff pharmacist in 2003. Allen was promoted to Coordinator and became involved with several major health IT projects. For the next 9 years Allen held roles of increasing responsibility while developing his expertise in electronic health records and medication system safety. He is presently a doctoral candidate in the School of Information at the University of Michigan where he conducts research on infrastructure to support routine ongoing learning about human health. Allen is also a Research Analyst and Tech Lead in the Department of Learning Health Sciences at the University of Michigan Medical School where his team is developing a new digital library for computable biomedical knowledge. Allen has authored several publications in the domain of health informatics.

Areas of Interest

Research and scholarly interests: health informatics, learning systems, interoperability, advice-giving systems, expert systems, medication-related knowledge representation, medication use information, medication advice, and medication-related decision-making

Subject-matter expertise: computerized provider order entry, electronic prescribing, medication-related clinical decision support, theories of advice, management of health IT

Published Articles or Reviews

Selected publications:  
  • Flynn AJ, Patton J, Platt J (2015), "Tell It Like It Seems: Challenges Identifying Potential Requirements of a Learning Health System", proceedings of the 48th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.
  • Flynn AJ, Klasnja P, Friedman CP (2014), "MedMinify: An Advice-giving System for Simplifying the Schedules of Daily Home Medication Regimens Used to Treat Chronic Conditions", proceedings of the AMIA 2014 Symposium.
  • Woods AD, Mulherin DP, Flynn AJ, Stevenson J G, Zimmerman C R, Chaffee BW (2014). "Clinical decision support for atypical orders: detection and warning of atypical medication orders submitted to a computerized provider order entry system." Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, 21(3), 569-573.

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