The program defines 12 competencies across 5 competency domains that developing educator leaders need in order to become proficient scholars in health professions education. The learner is required to demonstrate evidence in all 12 of the competencies.

Theory of Teaching and Learning

1. Education Theory

Identify and apply theoretical constructs and approaches to inform their analysis and action towards common medical education problems.

2. Health Education Context

Understand the background of medical education so as to provide a context for current educational issues and problems

Teaching Practice

3. Educational Methods

Make thoughtful and reasoned selections among educational methods and technologies

4. Curriculum Development

Analyze educational needs and develop appropriate curriculum to address them

5. Educational Community

Foster the development of an educational community within a given institutional environment

Assessment and Evaluation

6. Assessment

Understand and apply principles of assessment (Individual Learner)

7. Evaluation

Understand and apply principles of evaluation (Program)

Research and Scholarship

8. Research Methods

Understand and apply research methods

9. Educational Scholarship

Develop a program of educational scholarship


10. Personal Leadership Skills

Understand and apply personal leadership skills

11. Leadership Theory

Select and apply relevant theories of leadership

12. Organizational Leadership

Analyze organizational structures to diagnose problems and to affect change