Health Infrastructures & Learning Systems (HILS) Online

Lead, Change, Transform Health

The HILS-Online program is housed within the University of Michigan Medical School Department of Learning Health Sciences, a first-in-the-nation basic science department focused on learning across multiple levels of scale (i.e. individual, group, organization, region, nation) to promote innovation and improvement in health. The program and its faculty also have close affiliations with the Schools of Information, Public Health, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing and others. To learn more about the HILS Faculty's Research, visit our Research Snapshot page. 

The HILS-Online program is part of an international movement to promote learning health systems, which are organizations or networks which continuously self-study and adapt using data and analytics to generate knowledge, engage stakeholders, and implement behavior change to transform practice.

HILS-Online primary focus is to address the social and technical challenges systems face in making continuous health improvement routine. By developing and studying health infrastructures and learning systems, we can find effective approaches to:

  • Discover new knowledge

  • Identify how to best implement that knowledge

  • Turn it into routine process

Why choose HILS-Online

Unique in its joint, equal emphasis on information sciences and social sciences related to behavior change and continuous improvement in health, the HILS-Online MS program will allow you to develop as a leader and researcher in learning health systems and implementation science. This program provides a space for students to create innovative solutions to address some of the most demanding health care challenges we face today.

The HILS-Online master’s program also offers flexibility. Complete the online MS program in one year as a full-time student, or in 2-3 years as a part-time student. With only a few required in-person institutes on the Ann Arbor campus you can remain in your current work positions/locations, allowing you to complete your online master’s degree in Health Infrastructures and Learning Systems at your own pace.

Who should apply?

Students with a wide range of health care and professional experiences excel in the HILS-Online program, including:

  • Health Sciences/Health Professions
  • Information
  • Computing
  • Engineering
  • Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Organizational and Policy Sciences 
  • Working Professionals