Graduate Students


DLHS LEO Workload Standards

All lecturers teaching at the University of Michigan are subject to the terms and conditions of the collective bargaining agreement between The University of Michigan and the Lecturers’ Employee Organization.  

The standard full-time teaching load for Lead Lecturers (of any rank) is four full-term (4-month) courses in a fall or winter semester. For half-term (2-month) courses, a full load for Lead Lecturers is two half-term courses. Co-instructor appointments are half the load of Lead Lecturer appointments. This workload includes but is not limited to teaching courses, course preparatory work, holding office hours, attending department and school meetings and administrative and/or service duties as assigned. Lecturers may receive additional effort up to 10% per term for unusual additional responsibilities per prior agreement between the lecturer and DLHS.

If a Lecturer has received from DLHS a past fixed payment exceeding the amount allowed by this current DLHS policy, the Lecturer may continue to receive the same fixed payment amount. If the fixed payment amount becomes less than the amount the Lecturer would receive under the current policy, the amount under the current DLHS Policy will control the payment.