Anjana Deep Renji, MBA

Health Infrastructures and Learning Systems (HILS) PhD Student


Anjana Deep Renji is a Ph.D. student in the Health infrastructure and Learning systems. She completed her bachelor in Biochemistry and an MBA in hospital Administration from India. She also has a Fellowship in Eye Hospital Management. Before joining the Ph.D. program, she was working as the Quality Assurance and Operations Manager in India. She has also worked as a Quality Consultant and has helped hospitals in implementing quality measures in clinical settings. 

Outside the work, Anjana loves to spend her time with the family, traveling to new places, and also do DIY activities with her daughter. She is also a singer trained in Indian Classical Music. 

What attracted you to the HILS Program?  

Having worked in the field of Patient Care, Operations Management and Quality Assurance, I have come to observe how crucial a role does Learning Health Systems play in enabling the healthcare providers to render seamless and effective service to the patients. I believe this program, will not only help me gain knowledge on the science underlying learning health systems but also expose me to the latest approaches and will enable me to conduct meaningful research to improve upon them.

Areas of Interest

Evidence-Based Management, Continuous Quality Improvement, Patient Safety

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